The story behind "In the storm"

8. Juli 2021

Briefly told how the series "In the storm" was born.
My girlfriend and I (she has a great Instagramchannel that is always happy about new followers) were in 2020 for two weeks in Denmark. In advance, we have already determined certain topics what we would like to photograph together.
The theme "cloth in the wind" was one of them.

The location

Here you can see the location. We were at the northern end of Denmark and had a small cottage right on the beach! Wonderful to just let your soul dangle!

The storm

On day 3 the storm starts. It was really intense. We slept in a kind of annex to the house and it felt like the house was about to fly away!
Perfect conditions to address the issue with the flying fabric. At least we thought so.
It was so stormy that neither my girlfriend nor I could stand stable and safe!
Worse than that, however, was the fine beach sand that bounced with the force of a sandblaster against my girlfriend, me, and also the camera.
This ended, by the way, after the stay in Denmark in the fact that I first had to send in the used lens and have it repaired.
But in the end - me made it!

The results

We got so many cool results... Here are my favorites!

Model: Maddi -