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All about me -  Sebastian Berger. Who am I, what have I done so far and what I would like to achieve and how.
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There is also an external Link to my small NFT-collection of which I am a little proud.
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Model Lavinia in a suit of Rolf Eisenmenger Lo&Go
black and white photography of an mystical forest with godrays


What my customers say about me
Uwe Willmann BusinessphotoMaike Holz BusinessphotoMoritz Heilfort - BusinessphotoAndreas Lohrenz Businessphoto
Anja Glorius businessphotoKay Weddecke BusinessphotoJoachim Haid BusinessphotoAmedeo Velluso BusinessphotoDominik Groenen Businessphoto
  • I have had Mr. Berger take pictures for various occasions several times now. Most recently as part of a professional requirement. The shoot for the press photos was just as professional as the one for the private shots before. In my opinion, Mr. Berger is very responsive to the people in front of his lens and always manages to bring out the special features and facets. I have been told several times that I have different "faces" in my pictures, but each of them is clearly present. I think this is a perfect example of how well he does his job behind the camera. So I can only give a clear recommendation and will continue to trust in his skills. Thank you very much & until the next "click" Mr. Berger.

    Arne Buchhop
    asspario AG
  • Bjoern Hansen Businessphoto
    The shooting with Sebastian was relaxed and exciting at the same time. It was really fun. Sebastian has ensured in a very pleasant way that the photos do not look cramped or artificial. The feedback on the photos already published is consistently positive.
    The photos are really great - I am highly satisfied and look forward to another time.
    Björn Hansen
    Hansen Mediation
  • Matthias Hess Businessphoto
    We had Sebastian photograph us a few weeks ago with our entire team. Rarely have I experienced such a dedicated, creative and motivated photographer. From the preparation to the choice of location and motif to the sunny weather, which is not always easy in Hamburg...;-), everything fit. And yes, the result was and is outstanding for our taste. In short, we are very happy to work with Sebastian again!
    Matthias Heß
    Managing Director
    Pfefferminzia Verlag