My created NFTs

Shades of light

The light magically dances between leaves and branches, while the forest sings its song. A woman enjoys her ride through this wonder. The shadows paint patterns on the forest path. How the story continues? Let your mind continue the tale.
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Enchanted forest

It's morning, the birds are singing their song and a mother and her children are slowly on their way through the enchanted forest. Where is the path leading them?
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Ride into the light

A picture that could only be created under special conditions. Where he is going? What his story is? That determines your imagination.
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Morning run into the sun

My second work from my forest series. Take a moment and rest in the mystical forest. Let your mind wander and let the picture in your head tell the story.
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In the storm

"Our time together feels like a storm, like fierce wind and rain, something too big to handle and too strong to escape. It blows around me and tangles my hair, wets my face, and makes me feel like I'm alive, alive, alive."
Allyson Condie
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In the storm III

"When the storm engulfs the sea, black curls wrap around him, the almighty bride submits to his will and wrestles, kisses him with wild waves, lightning flashes his eyes, thunder breathes his sighs, and the little ship must be wrecked."
Clemens Brentano
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