Feel inside yourself. See your self. No matter what you think you are, the real you will always break out of you. It's not the color of your skin that is your identity, it's your spirit."
The picture "Identity" tells the path and conflicts of Ewane Makia's life. His mother died in childbirth. A german doctor took care of him and so Ewane came to Lüneburg in Germany.
Inwardly torn by german childeeducation and african influences, not recognized as a colored people by colored people and not recognized as a german by germans, Ewane searched for his own identity for a long time.
He found his destiny on the one hand in music as a hip-hop artist and on the other hand in his work and his mission "New Soul Project" which deals with the education of young people on the subject of racism and discrimination.
Skin color is still an issue in germany, which leads to discrimination. Applications for higher education and professional positions are demonstrably more difficult to achieve for people with a different skin color.
Abuses that are actually eradicated in our constitution, but which exist in our social, liberal and democratic society, must also leave the last head and thought.
The work will be auctioned off as a charity event. All funds raised from the auction (minus any taxes) will go to Ewane's New Soul Project. The project is dedicated to the fight against discrimination and works charitably in schools to educate children as early as possible and show them ways and solutions.
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