How I created my first NFT series

18. Juni 2021

The first series I minted and listed for Foundation was a process over about 12 months. Interested in how these images were created? Here you can read how.

The process has actually been somewhat of a journey. I switched to the Fuji system in 2017. I then simply went for a walk in the forest and experimented with the built-in metering methods such as spot metering and the black and white modes. I learned that measured correctly, out of the cam I get mystical images with extremely hard contrasts and interesting structures.

On my next visit to the forest I was lucky and ran into one of these light situations. I researched how these are created. It takes rain the night before and warmth and sun in the morning to create these godrays. With that, there was only one piece missing...

I knew what I needed. And I knew what I was missing. The human being. The rest was patience and a little luck. That's how my series came into being. ­čÖé The last red line was the animation of the godrays in after effects. Finally! If you curious for more write me a mail or contact me with twitter!

You will find the minted NFTs here.